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                                                        Incorporating the Festival of Ideas 2015 & Bury Festival 2015
An exciting project involving up to forty Bury St Edmunds town retailers and businesses will partcipate in supporting and promoting the arts by exhibiting artist's work for sale in their shop windows. The professional artists involved in the project are from the eastern region. 
The exhibited work will form part of an Art Trail for the newly formed Bury St Edmund's Festival of Ideas, to be held for four days during the 2015 Bury Arts Festival.
The coverage of the proposed Art Trail will encompass all parts of the town both new and old, with work being represented in independent outlets and chains by a diverse rang of artistic genres.
The trail will be listed on a map showing both the business and its corresponding artist. 
The artist's work will be sensitively placed to reflect the genre of the business and or the window that will showcase the piece.  The art diciplines represented will be 3D (Sculpture,ceramics, painting, drawing,printmaking and fine art photography,printmaking and textile art. The artwork will be of the utmost quality and represent artist colleagues who have previously sucessfuly exhibited with Hadley Exhibitions.
*Hadley Exhibitions  gratefully acknowledges partial funding and committment for the project from the locality budget of cllr Mark Ereira on behalf of Suffolk  County Council and is scc logo        festival of ideas  supported by The Festival of Ideas 
Congratulations! The first company to sign up to the Art Trail was Paddy & Scotts Cafe Abbeygate St, Bury St Edmunds town centre. 
Congratulations to Sally MacIver for being the first artist to sign up for the project
 Paddy & Scotts Cafe will exhibit a lino-cut print for sale by local artist Sally MacIver,in their window for the Bury Art Trail in May 2015.
paddy & scotts
"Tea Cups" by Sally MacIver (*The scale of this artwork is exaggerated to depict how the work will be displayed iin the windows of stores)
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Deanna Tysons "Kief" Pirate of the CarribbeanKief DEana Tyson exhibiting and for sale @javelinretail
Abbeygate Street Bury St Edmunds May 2015
Sahara 8 The Traverse, Bury St Edmunds exhibiting Gabrielle Stoddart 
 "Coastal Breeze" for sale by artist
Gabrielle Stoddart
@sahara womens fashion store
   Coastal breeze Gabrielle Stoddart          glover portrait 1
                                                                       John Glover Portrait in oils at Palmers Department Store
                                                                       Suffolk House,Buttermarket IP33 1DW
 sara muzira/haartFine Art Printmaker Sara Muzira with Haart managers in Bury St Edmunds. Sara will be exhibiting "House Squeeze" for the Bury Art Trail in May 2015
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Elseys Gallery is available for artists and craftspeople to rent as from now. We are between exhibitions.  If you are interested in having your own affordable show or demonstration space, then click here  
Hadley exhibitions is planning a great schedule for 2015, with lots of artistic collaborations and connections .  Services are available for all your visual art requirements and curating spaces is our USP.
There will be a spring exhibition and Elseys will play a vital role in the forthcoming Art trail for the Bury Festival 2015... keep an eye on the news


House Portrait Commissions

was recently commissioned to paint a house portrait of one of the key historical houses in Bury St Edmunds Swan House in St Marys Square in the medieval grid area of Bury st Edmunds.  The image below shows the work in progress.  The work is in pen and ink and watercolour.  The final image will follow....If you are interested in commissioning a house portrait please get in touch click here


 swan house

Swan House Bury St Edmunds 

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Hadley Exhibitions is currently curating exhibitions at Elsey's Gallery in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolkl and other venues in the area.

Directions to Elsey's Gallery:
We are just off Risbygate St between Celik Men's Barbers and Hardcore Hobbies.Elsey's Yard is directly opposite School Yard. Approached from the arc rear access road, walk towards Risbygate St and we are straight ahead of you.
Elsey's Gallery is an intimate and small area particularly suitable for artists working in small scale and for one-person exhibitions.    
Please contact the Gallery Director Cate Hadley of Hadley Exhibitions for further information regarding rental or hire of the space for art exhibitions, workshops or acoustic music rehearsals.








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